Updated 2019-04-29T08:22:47

Content Ignite Requests

When adding Content Ignite Ad Code to your site and your visitors load it through their browser,Content Ignite initiates certain requests which are needed to track usage:

Scripts (.js files) (where xxxxx is the site ID & zzzzz is the product type)
This file is our core product and contains everything needed to load an ad. It will make various calls to our campaign serving platform, our core RTB bidder and tracking scripts for logging the state of the request. If no ads our loaded from our bidder application, this script will request and load additional pass-back scripts in the format where yyyyy represents a combination of slash separated identifiers.


All XHR requests appear to occur twice. In reality this happens because unlike simple requests, these are “preflighted” requests which first send an HTTP OPTIONS request header to the resource on the other domain in order to determine whether the actual request is safe to send. Cross-site requests are preflighted like this since they may have implications to user data.